This post was brought to you by Tasneem Naturel, but the images and opinions are my own.

Being a baby is a hard business, from upset stomach to tantrums to a scary event like cold, flu and cough, and more as they begin to explore. Not to say, lots of babies are suffer from dry and sensitive skin. 

Talking about skin... I am super picky about what goes on my skin, and of course, my children. I am addicted to checking ingredient list, not only cosmetics but literally everything. It became my habit. I just like to avoid ingredients that are harsh on skin and harder on the environment. You don't want to deal with irritation because of adverse allergy from the product, don't you? That is why I typically choose ingredients I can pronounce, and ingredients that I can readily identify. Invest in a brand that uses high quality, mild and effective ingredients!

Let me introduce baby balms from Tasneem Naturel, your natural first aid kit in a jar. They help to soothe and moisturise using only the safest, natural and purest ingredients, perfect for delicate baby skin. Check out the ingredients: carrier essential oil, beeswax, shea butter, Roman chamomile. Do you see anything remotely 'nasty' there? I certainly don't and that is just the first reason why I would buy these products again in the future and why I would highly recommend them to other parents and their children. It contains no chemicals, synthetics, fragrance, parabens or SLSs, so you can be confident your baby will not be ingesting anything nasty into their tiny body.

There are four types of balms:


Ingredients: Carrier oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cypress, Tea tree, Frankiscence.

It's always worrisome when my little one suddenly catches cold and becomes uncomfortable and clingy. But what is the safest way to treat my baby's cold, cough and fever naturally? The CF-Rub or Cough-Flu balm. It helps to soothe symptoms of flu and cough so that baby feels much better. Essential oils like carrier and eucalyptus essential oil are great for loosening congestion and mucous, make the cough more productive and fighting the cold itself. Lemon is a natural disinfectant, that is naturally anti-bacterial. It can help to ease anxiety and depression to the baby. While lavender really helps your baby to relax and quick relief. And if coughing is spasmodic, where your baby cannot seem to catch her/his breath, cypress is the best ingredient that helps to open the airways and make breathing easier.

Just apply the balm on the soles of baby feet, on the chest and back, neck, top of nose and temples to open up the nasal passages and relieve sinus tension.


Ingredients: Carrier oil, Shea buetter, Beeswax, Lavender, Orange, Mandarin, Geranium, Marjoram, Frankiscence, Bergamot, Roman chamomile.

Ever feel stressed out, tense or tight when your baby or toddler is having a meltdown? I do! As a new parent, getting my baby to calm well poses challenges for us. And if your baby deals with allergies, chances are you already know about just how much stress and sleepless nights can make things worse. It can influence the immune system in a negative way. The Calm Time was developed with my respect for the simple act of touch as healing, the powerful act of inhaling the calming and soothing properties of bergamot, lavender, frankincense and Roman chamomile. The combination of these three herbs is the best, effective natural herbal remedy that many parents love. My favourite reasons to use the Calm Time are:
  1. It helps calm the nerves, soothe mind and relax the body without any negative side effects.
  2. It helps with anxiety and mood for a very long time. For babies or toddlers who struggle with agitation, discomfort inflammation caused of teething, it can be a real help.
Apply it on pulse points (where your baby heart rate can be felt), behind ear lobes, at the back and on the soles of baby feet.


Sleep; young or old, we all need it. With a small baby, bedtime can be a little... challenging. One of my favourite ways to help him calm down and get ready for bed is with herbal balm. Using Sleep Time is a wonderful way to help restless babies drift off and get the healing sleep they need. Thanks to the purifying aromas and magical synergy of lavender and Roman chamomile combined with a light silky blend of carrier oil, ylang-ylang and cedarwood. It gently relaxes the body, help the brain function slow down, thus calms the mind and reducing stress. Skin is left feeling soft and hydrated too, thanks to the shea butter and beeswax. Unlike many over the counter drugs, this balm is not habit forming and does not leave your baby groggy in the morning. Rub in small amounts on wrists, behind ear lobes, temples and feet for those extra tricky nights when your baby is over-tired and teething, to bring beautiful dreams and a beautiful night's sleep. It's great to help calm.


Gas in a newborn baby is most often the result of an immature gut. It is very common that over 70% of babies get it. They are not born with the good bacteria that help digest food, and this causes gas. It affects both breast and bottle-fed babies. Crying and teething introduce more air bubbles into the stomach and/or passed on to the intestine. Not sure how to help when your baby is suffering from occasional gas pain or colic, constipation and bloated tummy? The good news is that, there is a way to soothe your baby. I have successfully calmed my baby with herbal remedies called the Tummy Time. It can be used as your next baby telon. This baby balm carries nourishing essential oils of warming ginger, relaxing peppermint and lemongrass, in a base of light carrier oil. It's a perfectly natural baby oil, approved by MOH - made for special time together.

Massage your baby tummy and on the soles of baby feet regularly with baby balm works wonders in reducing and preventing the gassy pain and bloatedness. This soft pressure can relieve discomfort, helping baby's innate digestion process and prevent gas because it helps your baby burp. And you will both enjoy the closeness of cuddles with a gentle massage that warms and relaxes baby.

Afterall, babies need to be held, carried, and touched by the parents. Love and hug them. This is without a doubt their most important ingredient in every one of products. There are made lovingly and designed to promote and enhance the health and well-being of our family on many levels. To be honest, I'm super psyched to have added Tasneem Naturel's baby balm products to my baby's daily usage. They became a part of my day, our nights and I saw how beneficial it was for my baby needs. Tasneem Naturel's baby balms are a must-have for your infant.

These products are approved by Ministry of Healthy of Malaysia (MOH).

"What is the most beautiful city in the world?" The answer is Istanbul. The city has never ceased to amaze me with the city's commanding views. Despite the fact that Turkey's capital is actually Ankara, Istanbul is without any doubt the heartland of the entire country - thanks to its cultural heritage and to its many activities to see and do. Once serving as the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires - all fought to claim the city's real estate as their capital. It stretches across a narrow strait that connects Asia and Europe, making it the only city in the world spanning two continents. The ticket to travel from Europe to Asia is cheap.

Tip #01: With Istanbulkart, it will take you everywhere - tram, bus, metro, funicular and ferry. Can be bought from roadside confectionery kiosks. It costs you 10 TL (refundable when you leave, as long as you keep the receipt). You can use one card for up to five people.

The most efficient and cheap way to travel in Istanbul by public transportation. We used bus and tram a lot!
You may be able to buy an Istanbulkart at commercial kiosk.
I traveled in Turkey from 6th April to 16th April, 2014. Starting in Istanbul, I went to Pamukkale, Cappadocia and back to Istanbul. Traveled on a relatively small budget, but still did all the touristy things like balloon rides, day tours  and shopping. The list of breathtaking photos here will remind you of the dazzling beauty you may have taken for granted - the impressive and magnificent architectures, a 8,500 years of historic sites, dining, top shopping, friendly people and exotic atmosphere all make Istanbul one of the best places to visit in Turkey.

Wonderful 5 days itinerary is more than enough to explore Istanbul's top attractions which includes the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Galata Bridge, Galata Tower, and Basilica Cistern.

Tip #02: If you're planning on visiting museums, please buy the Museum Pass to skip the queue and also to save money. It costs only 85 TL (about 100 MYR) and is valid for 5 days.

Immerse yourself in Turkish culture at the Blue Mosque

A visit to Istanbul is not complete if you don't visit the Sultanahmet Mosque, the official name of the Blue Mosque. It's flipping magnificent. The most beautiful call of prayer (adhan) I listened to took place between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. One mu'addhin recite part of the call to prayer and then the second mu'addhin would respond from the other minaret. It was a magical thing to experience.

Visiting hours: The mosque opens an hour after sunrise until an hour before sunrise. Be mindful of prayer timings, half hour slots,, when tourists aren't allowed inside. Check here as the prayer timings change every day.

The Blue Mosque is stunning and mesmerizing, especially when viewed from its courtyard. It is the Blue Mosque's exterior that stands proud over the old city of Istanbul. 
The old repeating heavy wood doors inside the inner square of the Blue Mosque.
The unique Iznik blue tiles that decorate the ceiling and domes.
If you thought outside was huge, the inside was even more palatial and colourful. The walls covered in brightly 16th century Iznik tiles. The blue tiles that are surrounding the walls of the interior design are the reason for its nickname, Blue Mosque. Turkish people adore the colour blue. The chandeliers that gave the whole mosque an almost romantic ambiance.

Note: Do not wear tight clothes or anything that hugs your body. You will be asked to cover up. If you forget, though, don't worry - they have shawl and other stuff to borrow. Only worshipers can enter through the center doors (north entrance, off the Hippodrome). For visitors, please follow the signs.

Grab a seat at one of the park benches and just listen to the call of prayer and admire the monument. You will find cats almost everywhere here, begging for food. 
If you're a cat lover, Istanbul is the pace to visit. There are possibly over one million stray cats in Istanbul living together peacefully with stray dogs in the streets. 
The most notable features of the Blue Mosque is its six minarets. This is very unique, as most mosques have one, two or four minarets. The dome and the minarets can be seen from just about anywhere in the area.

Marvel at the detail in the Hagia Sophia

The gorgeous Hagia Sophia, formerly Church of the Divine Wisdom, was built as the center of Byzantine faith in 537. The architectural wonder has a long history which has seen it go from Christian (Orthodox and Roman) cathedral, to the predominant mosque after the Ottoman's conquest of Istanbul in 1453, and now it's neither since it got turned into one of the world's most popular museum by Kemal Ataturk. As a museum, symbols of the Muslim and Catholic religions can be observed. The exterior may not seem too impressive and you might get confuse the Hagia Sophia with just another mosque in a city which has hundreds, but once you're inside, you will be in awe - take a glimpse of heavenly domes and amazing ancient golden mosaics.

Tip #03: There can be long lines for the ticket window. The Museum Pass is a good way to skip the queue. And be prepared for experiencing this beauty with loads of other people. Plan for at least one hour to explore all it nooks and crannies.

Walking distance to the all historical sights from the Blue Mosque.
The four minarets were added at different times during the Ottoman period: Sultan Mehmed II, Sultan Beyazid II and Sultan Selim II.
The entrance into the Hagia Sophia. Ever play Assassin's Creed? You might remember this in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.
Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday, Summer between 09:00 - 19:00 hours / Winter between 09:00 - 17:00 hours.

From the moment you pass through the massive door, which was once reserved for the exclusive use of the Byzantine emperors, you're realize you are somewhere quite special. I can feel the life within the walls. There is a crumbling faded beauty here. It's spectacular every time you see it and from whichever angle you look at it. When you go inside, you feel like you travel in time a few hundreds of years back.

You will find a mihrab, placed offset at the end of the apse, that marks the direction of the Kaaba, the most sacred site in Islam. Since Hagia Sophia started out as a Christian cathedral and converted into a mosque, they could not change the orientation of the church, which is why the mihrab is not symmetrical to the rest of the structure. On the right of the mihrab is the minbar, a pulpit from which the sermons are given by an imam.

The tall freestanding stairways is called minbar. The mihrab (hidden) is located on its left.
Two of the calligraphic roundels. The low-hanging lights in the main hall add a glowing brilliance to the room.
The interior was enormous with the massive Hagia Sophia dome. It is the second largest in the world. The first is the Pantheon in Rome.
Do not miss the upper gallery as you get closer to the famous huge dome, a number of shiny Byzantine mosaics (though none are whole or complete) and Islamic calligraphic. You need to walk up as they have are winding hallways to take you to the second floor of the Hagia Sophia. I did sweat! It's amazing to think of the millions and millions of people who have walked these halls. A spiritual exercise, I guess.

On the second level, we found three mosaics with two being in a very good shape. This mosaic is called the Deesis with Christ as a ruler, the most famous of Hagia Sophia's mosaic and it shows Christ flanked by Virgin Mary and John the Baptist in worshiping attitude.

Note: No camera flash is allowed. It causes damage, particularly to pigments and fibers of the mosaics.

The Deesis mosaic.
The Comnenus mosaic with the Virgin Mary is standing in the middle, holding the child Christ on her lap.
I knew the building was huge, but I didn't fully grasp that until we were on the second level.
Two building, two religions, hundreds of years, one history.

Have you visited this magnificent structures before? What was your experience? Share your comment below and join me in Facebook.

For the first time in my blog's history, I'm bringing my love for fashion as a content feature. I always believe being stylish does not just stop at living spaces (interior design) and food. I support at the idea of looking good in all aspect of one's life, because personal style is as important as home style. 

So, I have been tracking down a pair of jackets... my search has just ended today with some of the wonderful piece of women jackets from Zalora Malaysia. There are so many ready to wear women jackets that could make their way to my wardrobe. Smart suiting, lots of colour tones. But my most favourite has to be that denim jacket. Love it so much! With the movement of the 70's coming back, we are seeing more and more denim worn on top rather than just on the bottom. It can be paired with almost anything, making it a must-have piece.

"The first key to styling a denim jacket is to find a great jacket." So, here is a round up looks of denim jackets to hopefully inspire your decision.

I like to have a few different ones in my closet, varying both in washes and styles. But a classic denim jacket has been an essential part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. I cannot imagine trying to dress without it... This is my all-time favourite denim jacket, and the perfect outfit is to go country! I know, not everyone is a fan of dressing like a cowgirl, but there is a really stylish way to pull this look off. Try wearing a pair of high-waisted denim skinny jeans, with your clean white sneakers, and adding a plain white t-shirt. You will not disappoint yourself or your friends when they see you. 

Front button fastening with chest patch pockets and side insert pockets, perfect during those cooler days

I don't get excited about clothing pieces very easily. A piece has to be very special to find a lasting place in my fashion heart. So why is it then that I fell madly in love with this oversized denim jacket? It reflects the essence of my character - adventurous, uncomplicated, a little boyish and incredibly cool... just like me ;) It is one of those clothing pieces that I can wear feeling 100% like the real Nisa. To be honest, I've been searching for the perfect ones for ages. So I was beyond excited when I found one at the women jackets section at Zalora Malaysia. Curious about the best way to style an oversized denim jacket? Just roll up the sleeves and experiment with it - wearing it off your shoulders or in place of a top, like your fashion girl, Rihanna. The sky is the limit. The oversized look makes this easy outfit a little more interesting. Just go for casual over a sweatshirt and a button down, with a big comfy scarf, skinny black jean, add a novelty bag or a backpack, and you're good to go!

Keep things super basic by wearing your jacket over a white tee

Embroidery and/or embellished denim jackets are a definite must have. There has never been a better time to inject some flamboyance and colour to usher in the new warmer months. Wear them for vacation, hit the festivals, anywhere... injecting colours and pattern will excite any wardrobe and give new dimension to your style. I suggest a footwear in patterned designs or a pair of stiletto pumps to pair with your jacket - it will be fun and not an overkill.

Add patches to your denim jacket to create a new feel

So, what sort of jackets person are you? Hope you guys will find inspirations with my feature. Zalora Malaysia should be a platform to express who you are and what you love. So, if you don't have one that you're absolutely obsessed with, get one now at women jackets at Zalora. If you already have a classic one, try changing it up with a distressed one, a moto style one, or an embellished one. Several of these are on sale, but regardless, they are all great price points. So what are you waiting for? Go spruce up and style yourself today!

Images from Zalora Malaysia and Style Slicker

Malaysia, tanah airku.

Malaysia's Independence Day is just around the corner. It's going to be Malaysia's 60th anniversary of its independence. Are you excited about it? I am. Let's take a short break, maybe a minute or two, and ask yourself... "What does being a Malaysian mean to you?". You may be surprised of your own response.

What being Malaysian means to me?

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I am a harsh critic of Malaysia. However, what they and many people might now know is that, that criticism comes from a love of this country. I love this country so much so when I see us making mistakes, I get frustrated because I know that we can do so much better. I like the fact that as a Malaysian, I get to be exposed to many hundreds of different cultures from all over the world every time I go into a large city (this is especially important as I am rather fond of food. Well, most Malaysians are born foodies. We 'eat first, think later' kind of people). Malaysia has some of the best food in the world and is home to some of the best variety of fruits! Where else can you get durians? But the thing I like most about being Malaysian is the diversity. Talking with someone I don't agree with and finding a common ground that we can both agree on about said issue, and I like the fact that this is the principal that our political system is based on. The diversity helps us to learn tolerance, acceptance, and fellowship. The diversity is what makes us strong as people. 

Is the Malaysia perfect? Hell no. No country in the world is. We have tons of problems ranging from political to economic to social, but the thing is that, if we work together with open minds, we can come up with fantastic solutions to our problems. I still think the positive aspects of Malaysia far outweigh the negatives. We have had a lot of shortcomings and failures along the way, but together we can make Malaysia, and the world a better place.

Choose your favourite local brand here:

I will choose, BONIA. It has always been one of my favourite bag brand, without question. BONIA offers fine leather accessories as well as non-leather fashion item both ladies and gentlemen.

This BONIA Black Caelia backpack is the perfect size! A casual smart and functional bag. Love all the details. It's very light-weight and comfortable to carry when walking long distances. Interesting way to introduce a touch of brand elements in the design. Best of all, the backpack retails for a very reasonable $MYR 1,609.00, which in my opinion is a good investment for classic style in full calf leather.

A reddish brown tone BONIA satchel is crafted with longer handles (can shoulder sling easily), comes in a handy size, add bag charms to further enhance the appeal of the bag, which is absolutely gorgeous. To sweeten the appeal, the bag gets complimenting gold tone hardware which adds a welcoming touch of luxury. Costing only $MYR 1,109.00 in Lazada. This affordable luxury with many mileage to make the investment even more worthwhile.

I have more in list, but I think I will stop here. Have a good August ahead and Happy Merdeka, y'all!

By the way, in conjunction of Merdeka Day, Merdeka! Merdeka! Sale ( will take place from 25 August to 31 August (where you can find special discounts up to 80%!). It is an initiative by Lazada team to bring Malaysians great deals on local products on this Merdeka month. Come check it out!