Merdeka! Merdeka! Blogger Contest by Lazada

Malaysia, tanah airku.

Malaysia's Independence Day is just around the corner. It's going to be Malaysia's 60th anniversary of its independence. Are you excited about it? I am. Let's take a short break, maybe a minute or two, and ask yourself... "What does being a Malaysian mean to you?". You may be surprised of your own response.

What being Malaysian means to me?

If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I am a harsh critic of Malaysia. However, what they and many people might now know is that, that criticism comes from a love of this country. I love this country so much so when I see us making mistakes, I get frustrated because I know that we can do so much better. I like the fact that as a Malaysian, I get to be exposed to many hundreds of different cultures from all over the world every time I go into a large city (this is especially important as I am rather fond of food. Well, most Malaysians are born foodies. We 'eat first, think later' kind of people). Malaysia has some of the best food in the world and is home to some of the best variety of fruits! Where else can you get durians? But the thing I like most about being Malaysian is the diversity. Talking with someone I don't agree with and finding a common ground that we can both agree on about said issue, and I like the fact that this is the principal that our political system is based on. The diversity helps us to learn tolerance, acceptance, and fellowship. The diversity is what makes us strong as people. 

Is the Malaysia perfect? Hell no. No country in the world is. We have tons of problems ranging from political to economic to social, but the thing is that, if we work together with open minds, we can come up with fantastic solutions to our problems. I still think the positive aspects of Malaysia far outweigh the negatives. We have had a lot of shortcomings and failures along the way, but together we can make Malaysia, and the world a better place.

Choose your favourite local brand here:

I will choose, BONIA. It has always been one of my favourite bag brand, without question. BONIA offers fine leather accessories as well as non-leather fashion item both ladies and gentlemen.

This BONIA Black Caelia backpack is the perfect size! A casual smart and functional bag. Love all the details. It's very light-weight and comfortable to carry when walking long distances. Interesting way to introduce a touch of brand elements in the design. Best of all, the backpack retails for a very reasonable $MYR 1,609.00, which in my opinion is a good investment for classic style in full calf leather.

A reddish brown tone BONIA satchel is crafted with longer handles (can shoulder sling easily), comes in a handy size, add bag charms to further enhance the appeal of the bag, which is absolutely gorgeous. To sweeten the appeal, the bag gets complimenting gold tone hardware which adds a welcoming touch of luxury. Costing only $MYR 1,109.00 in Lazada. This affordable luxury with many mileage to make the investment even more worthwhile.

I have more in list, but I think I will stop here. Have a good August ahead and Happy Merdeka, y'all!

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  1. Sha singgah sini.. Semoga berjaya..

  2. Always proud be be a Malaysian..
    And dont forget..."belilah barangan buatan Malaysia"

  3. wah .. tak join lgi contest ni. hehe

  4. Merdeka ni memang banyak sales & contest. Good luck.

  5. cantiknyaa handbag brown tu.. suka shopping kat Lazadaa <3

  6. best of luck :) perghhh harga beg bonia tu. tp kualiti dia memang tiptop


  8. i baru sempat baca entry ni..i love reading yours,can help my grammar and english :)

  9. Nice choice you have select from Lazada! The prizes looks really interesting!