Make the spirit of Ramadan last the whole year

Well, here is a link I just found while Googling the web:

Just wanted to share this with my brothers and sisters out there who may not have had the best Ramadan but will use that to make this next year a million times better, inshaAllah. I haven't gotten around to reading the entire thing although I like what I read in the first few sections. Hope it helps in some way.

The beginning of my Ramadan was amazing. Unfortunately, it ended on a semi bad note. The day after Ramadan is so... weird. A whole month of unimaginable blessings has slipped through my fingers. It's as if the entire world assumed its position back to where it first began. It's as if everyone suddenly went back to who they were. The entire atmosphere is so off, everyone is so different. I have tried my best to fast and pray, but I still feel I could have done so much more. How fascinating that we go to bed and awaken back to the same people we regretted once before. How fascinating that we have so easily reverted back to our old behaviours, our bad characters, our bad manners and it's not to say that everyone is so, but... is it that easy to just forget that we spent 30 full days of complete servitude and complete remembrance of Allah in our every dealings?

I have realized that focusing on my breathing during prayer and focusing on each and every single word really does center my soul with the universe and it keeps me grounded and connected to the roots below my feet. The bowing and prostration in Islamic prayer has so much meaning and significance. For example, it humbles you because you are submitting to a greater being. And even when reciting Qur'an, focus on your breathing, on your words, on the sound and surely, you will move yourself. I have been on the same surah for about 5-6 months now. I'm not in a race to finish the Qur'an. And I realized that Ramadan is not about finishing the Qur'an. It's about trying to understand it better. It's about knowing our flaws to work on them for the rest of the year.

I know my flaws. I'm still on my journey to my spiritual center everyday. I see them even clearer with everything that recently took place in my life, and well, I can only hope for the best and remember to breath and think of Allah when I feel that I'm at a breaking point. I ask Allah that we all maintain the firmness that we have acquired during Ramadan and to maintain our consistency of doing good and leaving off the evils. I seek refuge in Allah from the rejected shaytan and from his whispers and from my own nafs. I aks Allah that we all improve and become the best of people; in the eyes of no one but Allah. May He keep us on the continuous path toward self-improvement.

Hope it is not too late to wish you all Eid Mubarak! Thank you for the support. Don't get so caught up in the celebration. Remember, what brought you to the celebration.
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  1. I love the way you think and the way you improve yourself. Hope that I can do the same too. Especially focusing on breathing and each of words during prayer. Sama2 kita perbaiki apa yang patut kan. & tqsm for sharing. Doakan saya juga ye ;)

  2. I agree with Nadhie wueen.

  3. sama2 kita baiki hubungan dgn Allah setiap masa. in sha Allah btw selamat hari raya !!

  4. Salam aidilfitri
    Maaf zahir n batin๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Itulah namanya universiti kehidupan Nisa. Kita sentiasa belajar, selagi kita bernafas. Kena ada semangat untuk menjad lebih baik dpd semalam...
    Wallahu aalam