Meet Burka Avenger, Pakistan's First Animated Superheroine

Just recently, this new cartoon was advertise on some other channel. Being the child at heart that I am, I eagerly tuned in and I shall forever remember the day I first laid eyes on this masterpiece. Introducing Burka Avenger, Pakistan's miraculous ladybug, who, like her American counterparts, leads two lives! This cartoon is magnificent for so many reasons. By day, Jiya is just a "mild-mannered school teacher" at a girl's school in Pakistan. By night, however, she is a badass superhero who is always there to save Pakistani girls from the members of the aggressively conservative, anti-literacy Taliban.

This is probably the most amazingly beautiful thing I have ever seen. This needs to be spread everywhere. I only watched the first episode but all in all, it was pretty good. The animation is kinda hard to ignore, because it's super uncanny, but even then it has its moments. The best part of all is the message though, and it's a wonderful one. This not only shows the struggle young girls in Pakistan face on a daily basis with illiteracy and education, but it can also teach any and everyone that the problem is not people of Muslim faith, but the extremist groups (Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc.). This looks like the starts of an enormous wave of understanding that could change the terrorist stigma placed on the Muslim faith.

This women doesn't do violence even if she has been portrayed as a superhero. Burka Avenger literally and figuratively fights the Taliban with the books and pens (non-violently!) which I think we can all appreciate. "She doesn't punch. She doesn't hit. She doesn't kick. She doesn't shoot anybody. All she does is clonk people on the heads with books or throw pens. There's an underlying message with that: the importance of education and the pen is mightier than the sword", says Aaron Haroon Rashid, the creator of the show. This is no ordinary cartoon. Jiya and her students are seen battling issues like pollution, child labour, polio vaccine, discrimination and violence! 

As a Muslim, I can honestly say that this will really help Muslim children who watch this, particularly the young girls who are self-conscious about wearing burqas and hijabs, and, of course, it's also great for the spreading awareness about the dangers of illiteracy. I really like that they are intentionally using the burqa as a unique symbol of heroism. What a way to take back something used to oppress so many women.

I wish more people knew about this awesome cartoon. I wish more people recognize the effort some amazing people are doing to promote culture, education, respect and fight against ignorance and terrorism. 

So yeah, the heroine the world absolutely must see. If you haven't seen it, you are missing out on some awesome. Definitely check it out!

Watch the first episode of Burka Avenger now.


  1. Quite a nice video. Not bad. Love the music too.

  2. Burqa girl feature as superhero. Nice and unique story ever. Yup , message yg dibawa sangat bermanfaat. Tentang education, discrimination , pollution and etc. Seriously glad to know about this & tqsm for sharing Nisa! :)

  3. this sound interesting! :D Definitely, need to check this out :)

    Fatina |

  4. selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin

  5. Wahhh, what a interesting cartoon. The message is so deep. I will checj this out🌸

  6. Menariknya.. in terms of message etc. Beesiri ye

  7. this is so seriously.